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most place tourist attraction in the philippines


Probably has the most visitor attractions clustered in a relatively small area compared to other tourist destinations in the Philippines.

The most popular tourist attractions are located near each other, on the East and South sides, although there are a few near the residential areas.

The most popular tourist attractions are located near each other, on the East and South sides, although there are a few near the residential areas.



Also known as the Igorot Village, it showcases the native houses of the different Cordillera tribes. Tourists can usually take pictures with the Igorot tribesmen dressed in their traditional native dress. It is also the home of the Baguio Arts Guild.


A reconstructed native village which also has an art gallery and attracts many indigenous artists, most noteworthy of whom is BenCab. Directly across Tam-awan Village is sculptor Ben Hur Villanueva's gallery "Arko ni Apo" that is also worth a look.  more ...


This is place to visit for native fabrics and other handicrafts. Here one can witness the actual process of cloth weaving as practiced by the natives of the Cordillera provinces for ages.

Coron: The Most Beautiful Place in the Philippines

On the following day, we’ve decided to book a tour thru Calamian Expeditions Travel and Tours which offers the cheapest rate among all places that we’ve gone to. The travel agency can be found in Coron Galeri along San Agustin Street. Their posters can be seen all throughout the town. They offer an all inclusive fee of P650 for the island hopping trip (Kayangan Lake, Twin Peak Reefs, Twin Lagoons, CYC Island and Atwayan Beach or Sunset Beach. The cost also includes a packed lunch (Binalot style), some freshly-grilled fish and two bottles of water per person. The rate will also cover the entrance fees for the said islands, boat rental and tour guides.
It’s really that affordable. Now every Pinoy can definitely visit the islands without breaking the bank. The best thing about this tour is that your money helps Filipino families. Al Linsangan co-proprietor of Calamianes Expeditions explained that every segment of the trip, transportation, food and tours were being handled by different families which in turn generate income for the local people.

 Snorkelling in Kayangan Lake (There’s nothing much to see though)
After Kayangan Lake, we went to the Twin Peak Reefs which is not that far from the lake. We stopped like in the middle of the sea near two small islets and descended to snorkel. The marine life is really abundant and it’s refreshing to see fishes in their natural habitat than in aquariums. I wish I had an underwater camera so I could post some pictures (hehehe any sponsors?).
We were really hungry after hiking to see the lake and snorkelling around the reef area. The boatmen said its lunch, finally! We went to another island with nice beige-white sand (I forgot the name of the island) and sat on a nipa-hut like dining area. Our meals were simple, Pork Adobo with Hard Boiled Egg with Rice, Seaweed Salad, and two huge freshly grilled fishes.



Dalton Pass is the gateway to Cagayan Region and, because of its strategic importance, was the scene of intense battle at the end ofWorld War 2. A shrine has been erected to honor sacrifices of Filipino troops .
Kirang Pass has a monument erected by the Japanese to commemorate the gallantry of soldiers on both sides. Historic Spanish churches include St. Dominic Cathedral and Dupax Del Sur Church.

The major tourist attraction of Cagayan Province is caves, in particular, the famous seven chambered Callao Caves, which contain a chapel for those who wish to meditate on these wonders of nature. Other popular caves among the more than 300 that are around the region include Jackpot Cave, San Carlos Cave, Sierra Cave, and the Odessa-Tumbali Cave System.

A church inside the Callao Caves
Cagayan is also the gamefishing capital of the Philippines, with San Vicente, Sta. Anna and Palaui Island important destinations for sportfishing enthusiasts; the beautiful sailfish being the prize catch. Palaui also features the Spanish built Palaui Lighthouse.
Other tourist attractions in the province are mountain treks, river trips, surfing, the Magapit Suspension Bridge, St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Miraculous Lady of Piat, a four-century old image of Mary, which was brought from Macao to the Philippines in 1604 by Dominican friars. Visit the tourist spots in Cagayan Province.

Magellan’s Cross (Inside)

Below is a list of historical sites that are recommended for tourists who visit Cebu City:
1. Casa Gorordo Museum – In this museum are displayed 19th century paintings, relics, household items and furniture
2. Colon Street – This street is the oldest street in the Philippines and is named after Christopher Columbus
3. Fort San Pedro – This place is the nucleus for the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines and was founded by Legazpi in 1565. The fort was later used as barracks for American and Japanese occupiers.
4. Lapu-Lapu Monument – this is located in Mactan, Lapu Lapu City and it commemorates Lapu-Lapu’s victory. He is regarded as the first Filipino patriot against a foreign aggressor.
5. Magellan’s Cross – This marks the spot where the first Catholic mass and baptism in the Philippines took place.

Magellan’s Cross (Outside)
6. Magellan Marker – Also located in Mactan, Lapu Lapu City, this was erected on the spot where the famous explorer died on April 27, 1521 at the handsof Chief Lapu Lapu.
7. President Sergio Osmeña Memorabilia – This contains the late president’s historic car, his personal belongings and mementos.
8. University of San Carlos – This is the oldest school in the Philippines which was established in 1565.
9. University of San Carlos Museum – This is an anthropological and biological museum which traces ties between Philippine society and other Asian cultures.

The natural attractions in this Southern part of the Philippines are waterfalls (Pulacan Falls, Lourdes Falls, Lison Valley, Manga Falls), beaches (Muricay Beach, Bomba Beach, Poloyagan Beach, White Beach), caves (Manga Cave, Kendis Cave), and mountains (Mt. Pinokis, Mt. Susong Dalaga).


Land Attractions in Bolinao
as part of the

note: I have cut short my western Pangasinan Series a few weeks ago to prevent the umay effect and give way to new entries I am bringing a few back coz a similar reaction is now happening on my events. I hope my readers still note that this blog has evolved and it is more appropriately defined now as a photoblog of my travels and events and everything in between.....

BOLINAO FALLS is a series of Falls located in the central part of Bolinao Pangasinan. It is around 15-20 minutes away from town of which half would be traveled through rough road conditions. If you plan to include it in your itinerary, I highly suggest that you try to arrange it with your hotel/resort before going to Bolinao as it is even farther from where the accommodations are located in Patar area which is another 15-20 minutes away from town on another route. In short, it is somewhat out of way so most land tours would take you here first before going back to town and then eventually to Patar.

The way to the falls is kinda strange because you will not pass through hills or mountains. You will be surprised that such falls would exist in this area. The terrain is basically flat until the driver would tell you to get off the car and take a walk. It would appear to you then that there's a sudden lower portion out of nowhere where the falls runs through.

The way down is not very beautiful. There is a cemented stairway which will lead you to the falls which we noticed is already old and needs renovation. But once you get down the waterfalls itself, you will be surprised at how clear and clean the water is. We arrived here at around 10:30 am after eating breakfast in town and a short tour of the church, and public market. we were supposed to stay for only a few minutes because we had to check in at Puerto del Sol by 11:30 am in time for lunch but my colleagues were not able to resist the water and started stripping one by one......



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